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  • By: George C. Creal
  • Published: August 7, 2019

“I have never had to hire an attorney before and to be honest my impression of attorneys were that they are all out for your money, until I met Justin Goodman. I had to hire Justin to defend me because of DUI and failure to maintain lane charges. The first time I spoke to Justin was on the phone and I instantly felt comfort and relief. Do not get me wrong after I got of the phone with him I was still terrified out of my mine and completely ashamed of having to tell a complete strange about a stupid mistake that I could not even give full details about. Justin never once judged me, he never made me feel like I was the first and only idiot in the world that had ever enjoyed her alcohol a little too much. I also never felt like just another paycheck to him. On the day I met Justin face to face he took the time to listen to my situation and told me what the worse and best scenarios could be. He explained in detail every step of the process and answered every question I had. No matter how many times I asked the same question I never felt that I was a complete annoyance to him. Justin was able to have my case dropped because there was not enough evidence to prove I was driving. I had complete confidence that Justin would get my charges at least lowered but he far exceeded my expectations with the results of my case. Even if Justin would not had been able to get my case dropped I would give him 10 stars out of 5 because of the respect and sincerity he showed me throughout this terrifying process. I will be forever grateful to Justin Goodman! “

George C. Creal

George Creal is a trial lawyer who has been practicing law
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